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Published on 17th January 2022

Health and Safety policies guide healthcare workers in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for their own safety and that of the people they support. PPE significantly impacts the skin and leads to the development of unpleasant skin conditions.

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Published on 16th November 2021

Due to the pandemic, people, especially in healthcare, wear face masks more often. Sometimes, wearing face masks is required for a whole shift, for long hours. This may lead to skin irritation, rash, itchiness, redness of the face, dryness, and desquamation, swelling, pain and tingling, especially if a mask is worn for more than 4 hours daily. Mask acne is a common problem that may cause psychological distress due to cosmetic defects on the face. Mask wearing can make pre-existing conditions wor

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Published on 5th November 2021

People all over the world have been using plant oils for their health for centuries as a good component of holistic care that enhances both physical and emotional wellbeing of a person. This approach is known as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses essential oils where the oils can be used by itself or may accompany medical treatment of different health conditions.

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Published on 27th October 2021

Our environment around us is changing day by day. There are more diseases, more pollution, more stress and so on. Is it because nature is changing? Or is it because of human activities? It’s now time to think and start acting. I think the simple way to get rid of all these problems, is to just ‘LOVE OUR NATURE’.

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Published on 4th October 2021

My dad was always known as the life and soul of the party. If there was any noise my dad was at the centre of it. He would joke with adults and have us kids screaming with laughter as he chased us around. He was big and noisy and full of life. He was the first to speak up and defend others and always stood his ground knowing how to fight well with words.

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