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Published on 28th August 2022

Psychological First Aid (referred to as PFA) is an emotional bandage that responds to actions. It helps people in distress feel calm and supported while coping with challenges. It assists them to manage their situation and make an informed decision.

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Published on 15th August 2022

Being able to identify and manage someone suffering from a heart attack could mean the difference between life and death! Check out this blog to help with both in case the situation ever arises where you need to help someone else - or even yourself.

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Published on 8th August 2022

Anaemia is a condition that results from a lack of red blood cells or too many dysfunctional red blood cells (RBC’s) in the body. It reduces oxygen being carried to the body's organs.

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Published on 1st August 2022

Headaches fall into two categories, primary and secondary and are one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor. Learn more here and potentially save yourself a trip!

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Published on 25th July 2022

Fatigue can be confused with tiredness. Everyone gets tired. It is an expected feeling at the end of the day or after certain activities and we generally know why we’re tired and correct it with sleep.

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Published on 19th July 2022

Fainting or syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness without the need for resuscitation. It is caused by a sudden decrease of blood flow to the brain and typically lasts a few seconds or minutes. Syncope can be a protective device (but not in all cases).

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