Work Visa Student Specific information

Valid Work Visa

Please ensure that you always have a valid work visa while working at your health care provider and while studying at Kalandra. This means that you should always apply for extensions to your work visa in good time. Since your enrolment at Kalandra is based on the fact that you are studying as part of your professional development for your employment, you must always have a valid work visa. If your visa is due to expire during your studies we require a copy of your new visa as soon as you receive it otherwise we will have to halt your study until it is received.

Changing Employers During Study

If, you change employer during your study, you must seek permission from your new employer to continue your studies with Kalandra. Once again, you must always have a valid work visa. You will need to apply for a work visa for your new employment in good time.

Healthcare Eligibility for those on Work Visas

You must check you eligibility for publicly funded health care according to your work-visa status, as of January 6, 2020:

“A person who holds a work visa that either:

is eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.”

If you are ineligible for publicly funded health services, you may need to purchase health care insurance for the duration of your study. Please see bullet points.

Repatriation Insurance in the Event of Sudden Death or Illness

Kalandra recommends that all current students and staff who are not New Zealand citizens or permanent residents take out insurance to cover the cost of repatriation to their home country in the event of their death by accident or through sudden illness.

In the event that a current student or staff member does not have appropriate insurance for such circumstances Kalandra undertakes to pay the costs of repatriation to their home country.

Changing to an International Student Visa

If you change from a work visa to an international student visa to complete your studies, you may need to purchase health care insurance for the duration of your study. Should Kalandra Education Group not be able to continue to assist you with your studies due to the change we will assist in finding you an alternative provider.

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