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All programme content is aligned to the latest international standards and is designed to improve the quality, range and delivery of care offered to the older person. All our Health Care Assistant training programmes are NZQA approved.

This NZQA approved Diploma in Embalming (Level 5) programme is designed for those working in the funeral services sector who will require practical skills to endorse their theoretical knowledge.

Graduates of this programme will be able work independently, safely and with a knowledge of health and safety of the embalming process, on a dead human body

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Graduates of the programme will gain transferable skills and knowledge related to basic physiological, safety and belongingness needs of persons in health & wellbeing settings. Graduates will have an understanding of their roles, responsibilities and obligations and their duty of protection and care of the vulnerable person.

Five strands to choose from:
- Palliative Care
- Physical Disability Support
- Intellectual Disability Support
- Community Care
- Mental Health Support

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