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The Certificate in Health Assistance (Aged Care) (Level 3) is a 31-week ONLINE programme designed to upskill HCA’s in caring for the older person. The programme covers risk minimisation, fall prevention, infection control, incontinence, pressure injuries and safe swallowing strategies. Graduates will know how to recognise vulnerability, deal with conflict, advocacy and self-advocacy and provide professional, safe and compassionate palliative and general care practices.

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The Diploma in Dementia Care (Work-Integrated or Practicum-based) (Level 5) covers: Dementia Care, Healthcare Models, Evidenced-based Approaches, Person-centred Theory, and Values-based and Authentic Leadership. The Work-Integrated Pathway is for domestic students and those on work visas employed in aged and dementia care who are seeking career advancement. The Practicum-Integrated Pathway is designed for international and domestic learners not currently employed in aged and dementia care.

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Understand the early warning signs and process for diagnosing dementia, the stages and types of dementia, the impact on a person’s actions and ability to communicate, and increased risk from vulnerability, abuse and neglect. Using safe and ethical professional practices, learn how to identify triggers, manage behaviours and access support services available. With understanding and respect for cultural backgrounds, provide person-centred care to support a person through dementia.

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The Certificate in Mental Health Support (Mental Health and Addictions) (Level 4) is a 46-week ONLINE programme. Graduates learn how to apply professional practice as a Community Support Worker. The programme covers Mental Health and Addiction issues, the impact on health and wellbeing, interventions and community services available, cultural identity, culture-related issues, communication and how to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to achieve an outcome benefiting the client.

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The Certificate in Palliative Support (Level 4) is a 21-week ONLINE Training scheme designed to upskill HCA’s in the specialised area of Palliative Care. The programme covers the end-of-life stage, palliative principles, pastoral care and how to manage expectations, loss and grief. Graduates will understand the role of self-advocacy and the decision-making process, gain skills in advocating for a terminally-ill patient, and learn how to provide an optimal quality of care for the patient.

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