Kalandra Education Group

is a Category 2 training provider specialising in health care for older people. Kalandra was established in 2016 by Chief Executive Dr Christine Clark to address the deficit in Health Care Assistant capability identified in her thesis: Working in the blurred domain: The health care assistant in aged residential care.

Our Purpose:

In a world dominated by an ageing society, the demand for the provision of care that older people expect and deserve is rapidly outstripping current support staff numbers and ability.  Kalandra’s purpose is to meet that demand and, by extending Health Care Assistant knowledge and skills, to optimise the standard of care received by aged people in New Zealand and internationally.

Kalandra is built on a value system that holds caring, respect and knowledge at its core. As a training organisation we provide leadership in health care support by:

  • Collaborating with Stakeholders – Aged Care Providers, Health Care Agencies, Sector Organisations and Peak Bodies, Students and Alumni.
  • Identifying Training Needs – present and future.
  • Programme Development - Actively developing and sharing innovative, high quality training programmes.
  • Demonstrating Best Practice across the sector. 


Our Programmes:

Programme content is aligned to the latest international standards and is designed to improve the quality, range and delivery of care offered to the older person. All our Health Care Assistant training programmes are NZQA approved, and include: 

We appreciate that the value of holistic care does not diminish with age and that in fact the opposite is true. In support of this holistic approach to aged care Kalandra offers a suite of short course programmes that are designed to improve the daily experience of older people.


Our Team:

Kalandra employs a team of professionals with backgrounds in health, business and cumulatively more than 60 years’ experience in tertiary education. 

Our students graduate with the knowledge and ability to contribute and provide the highest standard of care for their clients.

As a training organisation we are committed to setting the global standard in that care.


Our Vision ♦

Improving the life of the vulnerable person

♦ Our Values ♦

Integrity, respect, inspiration, excellence, collaboration

♦ Our Mission ♦

Transforming care through developing and sharing innovative education.



“Billie” the spirit behind Kalandra




Hutia te rito o te harakeke, kei hea rā te kōmako e kō?
Kī mai ki ahau, “He aha te mea nui o Te Ao?”
Māku e kī atu, “He tangata, he tangata, he tangata”.

If you were to pluck out the centre of the flax bush, where would the bellbird sing?
If you were to ask me, "What is the most important thing in the world?" I would reply, "It is people, people, people."



Meta Policy

It is reflective of legislation, providing parameters for decision making whilst applying the philosophical, ethical and cultural dynamics of our organisation. Our policy is evidenced in our QMS, staff handbook and student handbook.

This is annually reviewed during which time feedback from all stakeholders is examined. From policy comes the procedures and guidelines that all members of Kalandra Education Group represent.


Last updated: 24th February 2024

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