Kalandra Education Group is a new institute originating from an extensive and very successful Category One Private Training Organisation called Corporate Academy Group(CAG), which was first registered in 1999. This company specialised in the delivery of First Aid training to secondary schools, the Wananga and to the Auckland Police. In 2004, CAG received its first Government funding to provide a level 4 health care programme to Pasifika.

Over the next twelve years programmes on offer were extended into many different industries which evidenced the flexibility and diversity of this organisation. After 17 years, CAG was sold and the three Directors; Kelly, Alex and Christine are now using our knowledge, skills and expertise to develop Kalandra Education Group.

The focus on health, and in particular, on aged care, is in response to the findings of Doctoral Studies that Christine has undertaken. In a world dominated by an ageing society, there is huge opportunity to create unique and much-needed programmes providing the caring that our older people deserve.

The programmes and qualifications on offer demonstrate that care, respect and integrity are pivotal to everything that Kalandra stands for. We invite you to become part of the Kalandra Education Group family as well. Be part of this learning and exciting journey, where love and gratitude are the foundation for a rewarding present and future.

Our Vision ♦

To create and facilitate excellence in healthcare education, particularly that pertaining to the older person, improving the lives of the older person (globally)

♦ Our Values ♦

Integrity, respect, inspiration, excellence, collaboration

♦ Our Mission ♦

To provide excellence in health studies (globally)

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Kalandra Education Group is registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under Part 18 of the Education Act 1989

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