The Team - Management and Academic Faculty

Kalandra employs a team of professionals with backgrounds in health, business and cumulatively more than 60 years’ experience in tertiary education.

Management & Administration Team

Chief Executive: Dr. Christine Clark

As well as Chief Executive Christine is also the Founder of Kalandra. Christine is a Registered Nurse and achieved her Doctoral Studies in Aged Care. She is a past board member and Chair of Neuro Connection, a foundation assisting in the rehabilitation of people with neurological conditions.  She also lecturers in Health Management Studies for an MBA programme. Christine is responsible for the vision and strategic leadership of the organisation especially developing the relationships to enable the direction of Kalandra.  Christine is also part of the Kalandra Governance Board.


Chief Operating Officer: Kelly Storey

Kelly has 18 years’ experience in all aspects of administration and managing an independent training organisation. She has a Masters in Tertiary Management. Kelly is responsible for overseeing students’ enrolments, implementing projects and interfacing with government agencies.  Kelly is also part of the Kalandra Governance Board.


General Manager: Alexandra Clark

Alex has several years’ experience in independent provision of education including development of resources. Alex is a Registered Nurse and is undertaking her Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science to bring more validity to the organisation. She is Chair of the Governance Board and a member of the Academic Board.  Alex is responsible for academic development and performance.


Campus Manager: Christine Ozich

Christine is the Campus Manager and online ‘mum’. She is an excellent communicator, accomplished administrator and draws experience from a variety of industries/positions she’s contributed to in previous years. Christine is responsible for community relationships and pastoral care.  She is enthusiastic about the future and the opportunities that will avail themselves to people who care.  Christine is also part of the Kalandra Governance Board.


Director of Marketing and Business Development: Rachel Honeycombe

Rachel leads the areas of marketing and recruitment for Kalandra and has extensive experience in education provider senior management, marketing and business development as well as student recruitment and admissions across both domestic and multiple international markets.



Academic Manager:  Virginia Archer

Virginia brings 25 years of experience managing and supporting teams to deliver high quality results cross all areas within the domestic tertiary sector. She is qualified as a Team Management Systems Facilitator and brings her skills in team building and managing a Category One Education Provider. Virginia has a passion for Tikanga Maori and Te Reo. Her Kaupapa is to develop strong and high performing teams through coaching and striving for excellence in all aspects of education delivery.



Marketing and Student Learning Coordinator:  April Protacio

April's employment background includes extensive customer service experience in Airline, Banking and the Telecommunications industry in the Philippines. Her love for travel and adventure brought her here to New Zealand where she pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.  She successfully gained employment on completion and has gained extensive skills and knowledge of the Tertiary Education Sector.  April finds joy in simple things such as cooking and spending time with family and friends.


Registrar:  Matt Edwards


Academic Faculty

Lead Lecturer:  Ritchie Verano 

Ritchie is qualified in three countries as a registered nurse; Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. He has extensive knowledge of working in aged care and in the community which adds significant expertise to his role of head lecturer for Kalandra. Ritchie has been responsible for, and lectured in, a large range of health related programmes, from basic care skills through to Diploma-level cultural and management related qualifications. Ritchie has a passion for caring and for family, thus working with the family ethos of Kalandra and enabling others to learn new caring knowledge and skills suits his wish to foster and improve relationships.

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Nataliya Slesarenko

Nataliya is a third-generation medical doctor from Russia, with an interest in cosmetology. She travelled to New Zealand with her family to study the Master of Business Administration at Auckland Institute of Studies which included some papers in legislation and management in New Zealand health care sector. Working with Kalandra has enabled Natalyia to tutor and develop training programmes focussed on beauty and skin care for the older person and as her medical study included many papers about the older person she is comfortable with supporting Kalandra in this area. Nataliya has also taken the opportunity to work in residential care and can assist our students in this area. She is passionate about human health and happy to share her knowledge with students at Kalandra Education Group.


Alma Urbiztondo

Alma comes from Valenzuela in the Philippines and moved to New Zealand in 2013 to pursue a course in Professional Counselling after completing a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  Alma has extensive experience in psychology, both as a university lecturer and as a clinical and forensic psychologist in the Philippines. In New Zealand, Alma has worked in several Private Training Establishments teaching Healthcare Management, Community Healthcare and Support Health Promotion programmes. Alma is also currently working part time in a non-profit organisation involved in counselling.


Alexander Slesarenko

Alexander teaches the Certificate in Health Assistance (Aged Care) (Level 3) to onshore international students enrolled in the Face to Face programme.  He gained his qualifications in Russia as a medical doctor and surgeon with a PhD  in general and laparoscopic surgery, oncology and public health. He has also passed the Australian Medical Council exam for international medical graduates and since coming to New Zealand he has worked in aged care and in healthcare education. He is a third generation doctor who likes travelling and is keen on nature, animals and sports.


Joanna Kilgour

Joanna has a background in health, as a student midwife and as a support person in the mental health sector, however as she is now a mother to eight children her studies were put on hold. Jo began working with Kalandra in 2017 as a resource writer and now teachers the Level 3 programme.



Jemy Tomy

Jemy is a registered nurse in New Zealand, with a Master's in nursing. She is also a registered nurse and midwife in India. Jemy has a great passion for patient care, teaching and interest in professional development with more than 10 years of experience in teaching different health courses and several years of experience working has a registered nurse.  Jemy strongly believes that caring for people who are in need is human, especially when they are most vulnerable. Jemy's motto is to “Keep a smile on your face and spread happiness to others, a smile doesn’t cost anything, but it is like a medicine to those in need”.  



Jeremiah Buenafe

Jeremiah holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master in Nursing and is a registered nurse from the Philippines. Jeremiah started his career as a nurse in the emergency department for a year at Dr. Garcia Medical Centre (Angeles City, Philippines) then spent the next 8 years as a Nurse Educator/Clinical Instructor at Angeles University Foundation, Philippines. The highlight of his tenure as a nurse educator was his preceptorship at National Centre for Mental Health (Philippines).  Jeremiah moved to New Zealand in 2014 and worked in the aged and disability sector (Geneva Health, Royal District Nursing Service, and Spectrum Care) - the last 5 years being a Team Leader in one of the Residential/Disability facilities of Spectrum Care.

His passion is making a difference in the lives of the elderly and disabled people.



Last updated:  6th October 2021

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