International Advisory Board

Kalandra International has established partnerships with experienced and knowledgeable health experts globally to form the International Advisory Board. The Advisory Board has been established to provide feedback and support to Kalandra International.  Members have been carefully selected.


Professor C. Jothi Sophia

Professor Sophia has 26 years experience in the field of Nursing Education.  She holds a PHD in Nursing and has worked in India as well as Malaysia.  Professor Sophia has presented at conferences in both Malaysia and Spain and has published a signficant number of journal publications, articles and text books.  Professor Sophia is the Principal of C.S.I. Jeyaraj Annapackiam College of Nursing, Madurai, India.



Professor Zahrah Saad

Professor Zahrah has more than 30 years experience in the fields of nursing service and education.  She is currently completing a PHD and has extensive experience across the sector.  Professor Zahrah has presented at and attended many conferences globally.  She also serves on many committees and associations and was awarded "Nurse Champion in Education" in 2015 by the Malaysian Professional Body and Malaysian Nurses Association.  Professor Zahrah is currently the Director of International Relations and is the Former Dean for the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery at MAHSA University, Malaysia.

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