Accommodation & Living Costs

Accommodation & Living Costs

There is a wide range of Accommodation in New Zealand to suit all budgets. Living costs will vary depending upon your lifestyle.
If you are an International Student, the Department of Immigration NZ requires you to have a minimum of NZ$20,000 per year (full year programmes) or NZ$1,667 per month in order to have sufficient money to live in New Zealand. This is in addition to your tuition fees.

Kalandra Education Group does not organize your accommodation or homestay for you but (upon request) will inspect all accommodation to ensure it is suitable.

Follow the below links for information on finding a suitable place to live and your rights and obligations as a tenant in New Zealand.

Finding Somewhere to Live - How to find a student flat


Finding Housing in New Zealand


Organising Your Place to Live


New Zealand Legislation on Housing and Tenancy


Tenancy Disputes  

What to do and where to go for advice if you have issues or a disagreement with your landlord.


Property Investment in New Zealand



Approximate Costs


Rent with power and water

The average costs vary between $150 to $400 per week per room. PLEASE NOTE: If you take a tenancy on a flat or other accommodation, you will most likely be required to pay a Bond and two or three weeks rent in advance.

The costs for this can be substantial and might be in excess of $1,000.
Students should be prepared for this.

These costs are based on sharing accommodation with others e.g. in an
apartment (the costs vary within different areas of Auckland). Remember the further away from Kalandra Education Group you live the more you will need to pay in petrol or public transport.

Groceries (Food etc.)

$75 to $100 per week

These costs are minimum based on eating at your flat etc., but will depend on the type of food you like to eat and prepare for yourself.

Mobile phone contract

$40 per month

Plus connection fee.

Mobile phone calls to NZ mobile phone numbers

30 cents to $1.50 per minute

This will depend on your mobile plan.

Visit to a Doctor

$35 to $75 for one visit

Most or all of the costs can be claimed back through your insurance policy (depending on your policy conditions).

Visit to a Dentist

$100 to $200+ Not usually claim- able through your insurance policy

Higher costs for emergency treatment may be able to be claimed (depending on your policy conditions).


$20 to $55

Costs can vary considerably.


Bus/Train transport (a concession pass can be purchased)

$4.00 to $8.00

One to three stages on a bus. Train travel varies in cost.

Auckland Transport link

Taxi approximately 5km distance

$16 plus any waiting time

Approximate cost—these vary from company to

Petrol per litre (varies)



Price watch link


Pool or billiards

$10 to $15 per hour

Per table per hour

Movie ticket


Usually cheaper on Tuesdays

Game of golf

$20 to $60

Costs vary widely

Last updated:  25 February 2024

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