Who Is Kalandra and What Do We Stand For?


Kalandra Education Group is a Specialist in Aged Healthcare Support Training:

Our suite of programmes has been developed in response to:

Kalandra Sets The Standard For Health Care Support Training:
Governance and Management:

Kalandra Programmes

NZQA Approved:

Kalandra Education Group is a New Zealand Qualification Authority registered and accredited private training establishment. All training schemes and New Zealand Certificate programmes are NZQA approved.

Kalandra Education Group was assessed as a Category 2 Training Provider in our first NZQA EER (External Evaluation and Review Report) issued on 19 May 2020. See further information and the full report here.

Programmes are Aligned to Health Sector Need and International Standards:
Programmes Enable HCA Staff Development:
Online Delivery - Programmes are delivered online which means:
Students Work while Studying:

Student Learning Experience

Personalised Care and Support:
Structured Processes Designed for Student Success:
Tutors and Teaching:


Pastoral Care  

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Career Outcomes

Employment Areas:
High Employment Rates:
Career Mentoring:

Based on each student’s career aspirations students are supported in the programme and provided with practical career advice including:

Study Pathways

Level 3:
Level 4:

For graduates who wish to pursue further study related to health and wellbeing, our Level 4 qualifications may lead on to higher-level Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes in related subjects, including: nursing, physiotherapy, occupational health and allied health professions.

Graduates intending to pursue further study related to leadership and management can progress on to qualifications in Business.

Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:

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Ongoing Professional Development

Kalandra believes in supporting ongoing learning for graduates.

We offer a suite of Specialist Clinical Topics as professional development opportunities for graduates to upskill in specialist areas of interest, continue to learn and provide the highest level of care.

These include Ostomy Care, Catheter Care, Oral Hygiene, Mucosal Care, Care of Hands and Feet, Comfort Care, Hydration, Bed Bathing, Moving and Handling, Bed Making, Wound Care, Assessment and Clinical Skills.

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Campus Hours Over Christmas:

Kalandra is closed from cob Wednesday 16 December until Monday 11 December

Applications sent in during this period will be processed once the Campus reopens, and applicants will be notified as soon as possible/

To Apply:

Select which Residency Category applies to you. Fill out the appropriate Application form, include ID (Passport Photocopy) and email to online@kalandra.ac.nz

The Application forms are editable Pdf's

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