Who Is Kalandra and What Do We Stand For?


Kalandra Education Group is a Specialist in Aged Healthcare Support Training:

Our suite of programmes has been developed in response to:

  • Demand from Employers of Health Carers whose employees expect opportunities for continued staff development.
  • Demand from Health Carers wanting to study special interest courses in Dementia Care, Palliative Care, Mental Health and Addictions, and General Healthcare (Aged) as part of their professional development/continuing education responsibilities,  while employed in a health care setting.
Kalandra Sets The Standard For Health Care Support Training:
  • Programme content is aligned to the latest international standards.
  • Students graduate with the knowledge and ability to contribute and provide the highest standard of care for their clients.
  • Kalandra Education Group is built on a foundation of values that hold caring, respect and knowledge at its core.
  • These values support the Vision of; improving the life of the older person.
Governance and Management:
  • The Kalandra Governance Board includes experienced health care practitioners and education specialists who provide strategic oversight and specialist health sector knowledge.
  • Management and the Academic Board include Health Sector professionals who have extensive knowledge of both the health care and education sectors.

Kalandra Programmes

NZQA Approved:

Kalandra Education Group is a New Zealand Qualification Authority registered and accredited private training establishment. All training schemes and New Zealand Certificate programmes are NZQA approved.

Kalandra Education Group was assessed as a Category 2 Training Provider in our first NZQA EER (External Evaluation and Review Report) issued on 19 May 2020. See further information and the full report here.

Programmes are Aligned to Health Sector Need and International Standards:
  • Kalandra undertakes market surveys and regularly liaises with Industry stakeholders, such as Aged Care and Mental Health and Addiction organisations, Health Care Agencies, and Health Sector peak bodies.
  • Kalandra is responsive to this feedback and advice, undertaking ongoing programme review and development.
Programmes Enable HCA Staff Development:
  • Health Care Assistants, with a skills gap in specialised areas will rely on generic care skills and knowledge.
  • Upskilling in specialised areas such as Aged Healthcare, Palliative Care, Dementia Care, and Mental Health and Addictions will improve their effectiveness as a Health Carer and support career progression.
Online Delivery - Programmes are delivered online which means:
  • there are no geographic limitations within New Zealand for students who want to upskill and study with us.
  • there is no need to reorganise work rosters.
  • students can study without any time off work.
Students Work while Studying:
  • Study is immediately relevant and applicable to the health sector work environment.

Student Learning Experience

Personalised Care and Support:
  • Individual Learner Plans: Students are provided with an individual learner plan which takes account of their personal circumstances. Each student is treated as an individual by their tutor, who will alter learning plans as necessary to achieve the best possible result for him or her.
  • Regular Communication: To ensure students are progressing appropriately they receive regular (weekly) communication from their tutor so any study or personal issues can be discussed, addressed and assistance provided.
  • Integrated Learning Support: Tutors provide encouragement, guidance and support for learners to adjust to work-based and work-integrated learning.
  • Staff Meetings with Students: Staff will, upon arrangement,  visit students in their workplace or in locations that are convenient for students.
Structured Processes Designed for Student Success:
  • Weekly Timetabling: As well as a schedule of online classes, the timetabling includes an indicative length of time required for each of the learning and activities in the programme, which means that students:
    • understand how much time should be committed to each task.
    • gain time management skills and know how to organise work, study and other commitments.
  • Recorded Webinars: If a student is unable to attend a webinar at the same time as their cohort, the webinars are recorded so they can watch at a more suitable time.
  • Monitoring and Participation System: As study is online, tutors can easily monitor student participation and progress.
    • Students are supported by tutors who know how consistently and effectively each student is /or is not engaging with the online learning.
    • Where a student is not participating or progressing, tutors can then work closely with the student to provide appropriate support and assistance.
Tutors and Teaching:
  • Experienced and Committed Tutors and Staff:
    • Kalandra tutors are highly committed to each student’s success, providing a high level of personal and academic support:
    • Students learn from tutors who have extensive Health Care experience.
  • Responsive to Students
    • Efficient email and response times to student queries.
    • Short turn-around time for assessments returned to students (non-ratified and ratified).


Pastoral Care  

  • Kalandra fosters a sense of community and inclusiveness, with all staff and tutors engaged in student pastoral care.
  • The Campus Manager can assist in the first instance and direct students to other support services if required. In addition, we have both Maori and a Pasifika Liaison person available to assist as needed.
  • We are invested in student wellbeing and monitoring the holistic wellness of each student including: their Spiritual, Family and Social Wellness; Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health; Environmental, Occupational and Physical Health; and their Financial Wellbeing.

Click here for specific Health and Safety, and Social Service organisations and  contact details.

Career Outcomes

Employment Areas:
  • Level 3 Graduates
    • Healthcare Assistant – Aged Care, Primary and Acute Care, Therapeutic Programme Care.
    • Community Support Worker.
    • Medical Practice Assistant, Dental Assistant.
    • Homecare Support Worker / Caregiver.
    • Hospital Orderly.
  • Level 4 Graduates
    • Healthcare Assistant – Aged Care and/or Dementia Care Unit.
    • Healthcare Assistant – Hospice.
    • Healthcare Assistant - Primary and Acute Care, Therapeutic Programme Care.
    • Medical Practice Assistant.
    • Homecare Support Worker / Caregiver.
    • Community / Mental Health / Addiction Support Assistant or Worker.
    • Youth / Peer Support Assistant or Worker.
High Employment Rates:
  • Kalandra achieves exceptionally high employment rates for students with 95% of graduates being employed in the Health Care sector.
  • Kalandra graduates are well regarded by the health care sector.
Career Mentoring:

Based on each student’s career aspirations students are supported in the programme and provided with practical career advice including:

  • CV and Cover letter assistance
  • Job searches and applications.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Formal introductions to employers.

Study Pathways

Level 3:
  • Students who commence with the Certificate in Health Assistance (Aged Care) (Level 3) who successfully complete and are awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) with a strand Healthcare Assistance, can progress onto one of our full HCA Level 4 programmes.
    • Certificate in Mental Health Support (Dementia Care) (Level 4)
    • Certificate in Mental Health Support (Mental Health and Addictions) (Level 4)
  • At successful completion students will be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Social and Community Services) (Level 4) with a strand in Dementia Care or Mental Health and Addiction.
Level 4:
  • Students who have enough Healthcare sector experience and / or the Level 3 Certificate in Health Assistance can commence study at Kalandra in one of the above Level 4 Certificate programmes.

For graduates who wish to pursue further study related to health and wellbeing, our Level 4 qualifications may lead on to higher-level Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes in related subjects, including: nursing, physiotherapy, occupational health and allied health professions.

Graduates intending to pursue further study related to leadership and management can progress on to qualifications in Business.

Level 5:
  • New Zealand Certificate in Public Health and Health Promotion.
  • New Zealand Diploma in Enrolled Nursing.
  • New Zealand Diploma in Business with a strand in Leadership & Management.
Level 6:
  • New Zealand Diploma in Addiction Studies (Applied).
  • New Zealand Diploma in Business with a strand in Leadership & Management.
Level 7:
  • Bachelor’s degrees in related health and wellbeing subject areas.

Click here for further Education Pathway Information

Ongoing Professional Development

Kalandra believes in supporting ongoing learning for graduates.

We offer a suite of Specialist Clinical Topics as professional development opportunities for graduates to upskill in specialist areas of interest, continue to learn and provide the highest level of care.

These include Ostomy Care, Catheter Care, Oral Hygiene, Mucosal Care, Care of Hands and Feet, Comfort Care, Hydration, Bed Bathing, Moving and Handling, Bed Making, Wound Care, Assessment and Clinical Skills.

Click here for further details on our Specialist Clinical Topics


Last updated:  26th June 2020

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