Specialist Clinical Topics


Each of the Specialist Clinical Topic courses listed below deliver information and skills associated with providing comprehensive and quality care. These skills are frequently not taught unless the Health Carer has a client with them and learns on the job, which can lead to providing poor and even incorrect service to the client.  

Attending these courses will upskill the learner with knowledge that is necessary for the complex environment in which many Health Care Assistants are now working, making this a safer place for both the client and the caregiver. 


Delivery: Either face to face or Zoom

Duration: Each course is a maximum of 1 day


Ostomy Care: 

Catheter Care: 

Mucosal Care:

Care of the Hands and Feet:

Comfort Cares Including Oral Hygiene: 


Bed Bathing: 

Moving and Handling: 

Bed Making:  

Wound Care: 

Assessment Skills:  




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