Working in New Zealand - What You Need To Know

All employees in New Zealand are protected by New Zealand employment law. This includes the right to have a written employment contract specifying your employee duties and the terms of your employment; wages at no less than the legal minimum pay rate; rest and meal breaks during your work day, annual leave, public holidays and sick leave. You are entitled to receive fair treatment, training and support, and to a safe workplace where you are protected from discrimination because of your age, any disability, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Use the following links to learn essential employment information so you understand your rights and obligations, and the law in New Zealand.

Before Starting Work

Key Employment Law and Information


Health and Safety in the Workplace

Student Visa Requirements for Employment

Student Visa must state "May work up to 20 hours per week. May work full-time during summer vacation. Insurance required while in NZ. May work full-time during scheduled vacations". You are not permitted to workout side of these parameters, should you work over these hours it may affect your ability to get a further visa in NZ. 


Career and Employment information

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Personal Development Plan
Job Profiles
Skill Matcher
Finding Work

Last updated:  25 February 2024

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