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Published on 12th July 2022

Wellness is the most important treasure in our lives. It is about minimizing health risks and reducing everyday stress to prevent development of different diseases. Our wellness is our own responsibility and personal choices.

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Published on 5th July 2022

We hear this a lot these days but what is brain fog and how do you know you have it, what caused it and how can you get rid of it?

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Published on 27th June 2022

Aging is an inevitable process of human life and should not scare us. Normal aging is natural and starts from birth, giving us a lot of opportunities to live a happy and healthy life to prevent early physical and mental illnesses. That is a goal. The longer we are staying healthy despite of aging, the more we can enjoy this pretty good thing called life.

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Published on 21st June 2022

These comments arise from the doctoral research undertaken with health care assistants in Auckland New Zealand prior to Covid hitting the world. The comments are still valid.

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Published on 23rd May 2022

No two autistic people are alike, but can often experience difficulty with social skills and executive functions, and have sensory needs that are different from those in the neurotypical population.

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Published on 2nd February 2022

Most of us are aware about the fact that breastfeeding is beneficial for our babies. But how many mothers can breastfeed exclusively in this busy world. Research studies have proven that the benefits of breast milk mean we should try to support the breastfeeding mother as much as we can.

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