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Published on 31st August 2021

Access to mental health services in New Zealand are poor in the younger population where mental health issues are identified relatively easily and people are actively seeking support. In our elderly population these mental health issues are harder to identify. Our elderly come from a culture where mental health issues are not readily accepted and so it is less common for us to see those suffering from anxiety and depression actively seeking help for their symptoms.

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Published on 27th August 2021

Health and Safety policies inform healthcare workers to constantly use personal protective equipment (PPE) for their own safety and safety of people they support. PPE significantly impacts the skin of healthcare professionals and leads to the development of unpleasant skin conditions.

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Published on 24th August 2021

Many moons ago, as a young student nurse I was introduced to the incredibly important skill of hand washing – real hand washing using a chlorhexidine-based soap that killed everything including your hands. In those wonderful days you washed continuously, not depending very much on gloves at all and the spread of infection was not even considered, as it just didn’t happen. The downside of course, was that our hands felt like stiff, dry cardboard must feel. Not only did they feel yuck but as the y

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