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Published on 27th September 2022

Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. When a foreign or harmful substance enters our body, the immune system produces antibodies to fight against the foreign substance. For some, the immune system inaccurately recognises the foreign substance (allergen) as an invader and starts to generate antibodies against it.

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Published on 12th September 2022

Intellectual disability is a term used when a person has difficulty understanding, concentrating, learning and remembering new things in their everyday life. Intellectual disability is not an illness, but it does require people to have some support for daily living.

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Published on 5th September 2022

Ageing affects all organs of the body but is more visible in skin. The genes you inherit, your ethnicity, the environment you live in, how you care for your skin and your general health all influence skin ageing.

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Published on 28th August 2022

Psychological First Aid (referred to as PFA) is an emotional bandage that responds to actions. It helps people in distress feel calm and supported while coping with challenges. It assists them to manage their situation and make an informed decision.

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Published on 15th August 2022

Being able to identify and manage someone suffering from a heart attack could mean the difference between life and death! Check out this blog to help with both in case the situation ever arises where you need to help someone else - or even yourself.

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