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Kalandra offers a one-day introductory course to Complementary Therapies suitable for experienced health professionals and primary care givers which includes a broad range of Complementary Health topics. Following the introductory course are the following options: Food as Medicine, Immune Responsiveness, Longevity Nutrition, Gut health, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Flower Essence Therapy, Tissue Salts, Medicinal Cannabis for the Older Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Touch, Herbal Therapy and Homoeopathy.

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This three-part course leading to a Certificate in Skin Care and Beauty Therapy for the Older Person covers Facials, Care of Hands and Feet, and Rehabilitation, Positioning and Hair Care. It is designed to upskill professional beauty therapists and introduce the opportunity for extending their businesses into the Aged Care sector.

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A short course on Makeup for the Older Person suitable for the public. The 6 hour course includes an Introduction to the Skin and Aging, Effects of the Environment on the Skin, Application of Care to the Face, Hands and Feet, and Application of Makeup suitable for an older person.

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Are you an overseas registered nurse currently being recognised as a healthcare level 3 assistant and have been told you need cultural papers to be recognised as level 4??

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