Dementia in Numbers

Japanese’s Social Cost for dementia is US$138 billion. It is US$1,000 spent per inhabitant.

New Zealand’s Social Cost for dementia is US$1.2 billion. It means only US$ 251 spent per inhabitant.


Dementia is one of New Zealand’s most significant and growing healthcare challenges. 60,000 Kiwis have dementia & that number is expected to almost triple by 2050. 

Dementia also has a significant impact on the family and friends of people with the condition. A survey we conducted in 2017 indicated that four out of every five New Zealanders knows or has known someone with dementia.

The total financial cost of dementia on the health system in 2011 was estimated at $954.8 million.

Informally, the value of those who were fully or partially removed from the workforce to care for someone with dementia was estimated at $37.7 million.


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