Nuwanthie Samarakone  Appointed to Kalandra Board

Nuwanthie Samarakone 

Appointed to Kalandra Board



Nuwanthie is a business founder and a company director who is passionate about fostering and developing talent in our communities.She comes from a health sector background having worked across the Public and Private health sector in New Zealand.  As government and industry initiatives try to meet the challenges of building a modern, sustainable health system, the aged care sector often lacks the capacity, capability and the access to best practice models and skills to enable and deliver our services to succeed.

Nuwanthie stands for values-based impact that creates better lives, which is one of the reasons she joined the Kalandra Education Group Board. The New Zealand she loves celebrates diversity and inclusion, respects our heritage and our unique environment and is proud of its green credentials. She brings energy and passion with a forward thinking approach to making an impact for people and communities.  

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