Meet Nataliya Slesarenko  - Kalandra Lecturer

Introducing Nataliya Slesarenko

Lecturer: Dementia Care Level 4 and Palliative Care Level 4
Short Course Lecturer: Skin Care and Beauty Therapy. / Makeup for the Older Person

  • Medical Doctor Level 8 
  • Diploma of Dermatology Level 9 
  • Diploma of Cosmetology Level 9
  • Master of Business Administration Level 9


Nataliya who teaches Dementia Care and Palliative Support, has cared for three family members with advanced dementia. This was a profound life experience which means she fully appreciates all the challenges ranging from physical through to psychological and emotional that are presented for both the patient and the Carer. Nataliya comments “It is important that Carers understand the breadth of Dementia behaviours so they have the skills to manage their own response and not feel overwhelmed or unprepared.  A skilled Carer means a happier quality of everyday life for those who are dependent on that care

With her two grandmothers and both parents being doctors, Nataliya grew up in Russia surrounded by people whose goal in life was to help others. While still at school, she would often help her parents with patient visits. These formative experiences meant she saw first-hand the difference that knowledgeable care makes in the lives of people needing that care. Married to a doctor who also comes from a family of doctors, Nataliya has two sons with the eldest having just finished a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and plans to enter medical school next. At this stage her youngest son has yet to decide on his career direction.
 After shifting to New Zealand with her family Nataliya completed the Master of Business Administration at Auckland Institute of Studies which included some papers in legislation and management in New Zealand health care sector. 

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