Kalandra Mergers

29 September 2023


Kalandra Education Group and Kalandra International announce a merger to expedite the shared Vision of both organisations: Improving the life of the vulnerable person. The merger will enhance educational excellence and stakeholder experience.

Kalandra Education Group and Kalandra International, two innovative private training organisations, are pleased to announce their merger, forming a unified entity dedicated to providing exceptional education and streamlined services. This strategic merger signifies a pivotal moment in the education sector, aimed at offering enhanced opportunities for students, partners, and stakeholders while ensuring a seamless transition with no disruption to ongoing operations.

The merger of Kalandra Education Group and Kalandra International marks a significant step forward in aligning their missions and resources to better serve the educational needs of domestic and international students. This consolidation will result in improved communication and reduced confusion between the two entities, leading to a more efficient and cohesive experience for all involved.


Key Highlights of the Merger:

  • No disruption to students: Current and prospective students of both organisations can rest assured that their educational journeys will continue without interruption. The merger will have no impact on students' ongoing programs, curricula, or educational experiences. Students will continue to receive the same high-quality education they have come to expect.
  • No change for agents and stakeholders: Agents, partners, and other stakeholders will experience a seamless transition. All existing relationships, agreements, and processes will remain unchanged. This merger is designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and service quality, benefiting all those involved.
  • Improved communication: The merger will facilitate improved communication channels between students, staff, and stakeholders. This enhanced communication will ensure that everyone is well-informed and engaged in the educational process, ultimately leading to a more positive experience.
  • Less confusion: By combining their strengths and resources, Kalandra Education Group and Kalandra International will significantly reduce any confusion that may have existed between the two entities. This clarity will result in a more straightforward experience for students, staff, and partners alike.


Dr. Christine Clark, CEO, and founder of both of Kalandra Education Group and Kalandra International, expressed her excitement about the merger, saying, "This merger is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible education and services to our students. By coming together, we can pool our expertise and resources to create an even more enriching and fluid educational experience. The merger is an exciting opportunity to strengthen our global presence and better serve the needs of our international student community. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and a brighter future for all our stakeholders.”

This merger represents a positive development in the field of education and reaffirms the commitment of both organisations to delivering exceptional educational experiences to students and therefore improving the life of the vulnerable person, worldwide.


For more information about the merger or to address any inquiries, please contact:


Dr Christine Clark

Chief Executive


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