Kalandra Education Group announces 1000 scholarships for Vietnam.

Kalandra Education Group is proud to announce the provision of 1000 scholarships to the people of Vietnam towards study as a health care assistant, especially supporting the ageing /vulnerable person. These scholarships were announced to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on March 11th in recognition of his visit to New Zealand and the relationship that Kalandra wishes to establish with his country.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made comment that Vietnam had an ageing population, with 12% of the population aged over 60 years and by 2036 Vietnam will transition from ageing to an aged population. This is causing concern as the infrastructure is not in place to care for those who require it. Traditionally, as in so many countries, the older person is cared for by family however in many instances family is no longer available, and they must access a more formal arrangement.

Kalandra recognises this increasing need and is focussed on improving and extending the care that is available to our older people. The concept behind the scholarships is to encourage students who wish to work with aged, and provide them with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed. They will undertake the NZQA Level 4 Hybrid Programme, learning part of the qualification online, in their own country and then enter New Zealand to undertake an eleven-week clinical internship (https://www.kalandra.ac.nz/programmes/new-zealand-certificate-in-health-and-wellbeing-level-4-hybrid) 

Compared with much of the world, New Zealand has very good, aged care facilities and ideally the student will work in New Zealand for two or so years, consolidating their knowledge and sharing their world view with New Zealanders, enriching the lives of everyone. Subsequently the student will be encouraged to return home, assisting others to improve care in Vietnam or elsewhere.

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