Kalandra Announces New Director: Te Oraiti Reedy

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Te Oraiti Reedy (Ngati Porou) as a new director on the board of Kalandra. Te Oraiti brings over ten years of senior leadership experience in the health and health education sectors. Her extensive background includes leading transformational change, developing and implementing strategic initiatives, and establishing critical relationships with key stakeholders in the medical education community.

Te Oraiti is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional with a deep passion for improving health and health education in Aotearoa. Her unique blend of strategic insight, operational excellence, and people-centric leadership drives her commitment to achieving equitable outcomes for all communities across Aotearoa.

An expert in fostering environments where organisations, colleagues, and individuals can explore and understand equity in their work and within the communities they serve, Te Oraiti's contributions are invaluable. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Victoria University, where she is also pursuing postgraduate studies.

Please join us in welcoming Te Oraiti Reedy to the Kalandra board. We look forward to the impactful contributions she will undoubtedly make in her new role.

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