Professor Sharon Brownie is an experienced health and social service executive with extensive leadership and policy development experience. In addition to her health and educational qualifications, she is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  She has experience across the health, education, economic development and employment sectors.  Her global perspective have developed through her work in Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, Fiji and the Middle East.  Her leadership roles have included significant capacity building, workforce development, business growth and change management mandates.  While in these roles she has actively maintained practice with nursing licensure in each setting in which she has worked.  

Sharon has a strong background in community engagement with proven expertise in partnership with professional entities, industry stakeholders and government both nationally and internationally.  She has consistently demonstrated skills in both strategic engagement and the detailed complexities of day-to-day operational management. 

She is passionate in her belief that quality health and education services should be available to everyone irrespective of their location or socioeconomic circumstances.  Thus she has worked in various rural and remote contexts improving service quality and access for marginalized and disadvantaged people.   She excels in roles with a stated strategic intent to build strong and sustainable social, educational and economic conditions that improve community wellbeing and enable populations, communities and families to thrive and grow. 


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