Manage Covid-19 By Building Your Own Resistance

Manage Covid-19 By Building Your Own Resistance

  • Practise a relaxed, calm and peaceful mindset which is key for your mental health
  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake to maintain good digestive health
  • Vitamin C is an effective virus inhibitor when micro-dosed over several hours
  • Reduce sugar intake, alcohol and processed foods to improve immune function
  • Vitamin D improves the immune system, get 10 mins a day in the sun

Health information can sometimes be overwhelming but Kalandra's Complementary Health Therapy Courses can help you to:

  • Learn how to select the right therapy for you or your family member.
  • Develop an appetite for nutrient-dense food and improve your microbiome.
  • Access safe and effective supplementation from reputable on-line stores.
  • Practise mindfulness to support your mental health which is crucial for times of prolonged stress.

We offer a one-day Introduction to Complementary Therapies, suitable for experienced health professionals and primary caregivers, which includes a broad range of Complementary Health topics with course content specific to each modality. These short courses include Food as Medicine, Immune Responsiveness, Longevity Nutrition, Gut Health, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Flower Essence Therapy, Tissue Salts, Medicinal Cannabis for the Older Person, Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Touch, Herbal Therapy and Homoeopathy.

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