Complementary Health Therapies - Keeping Healthy Post Covid-19

Utilise Complementary Health Therapies To Keep Healthy

Covid-19 has revealed a population that is stressed, immune compromised and generally without the natural resources to cope. 

The Introduction to Complementary Health course provides at an individual and organisational level the opportunity to implement therapies that could decrease immune-compromised people’s chances of experiencing an infectious disease. 

For healthy people the emphasis will be on boosting their immune system. Utilising Vitamin D with regular exercise outdoors; eating real food; investing in quality supplementation; socialising where possible and quietening the mind are the benchmarks of good health. 

Having an understanding of a range of proven therapies by experienced practitioners will provide each participant with lifeskills and professional development to take them into their next role. Develop an understanding of how significantly lifestyle, nutrition and overall demeanour can affect the way that the immune system copes with the outside world. 

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This course is for practitioners and primary caregivers.

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