Chief Executive Message in Response to Covid-19

Message from the Chief Executive in Response to Covid-19

We would like to assure all our stakeholders that, as Kalandra programmes are delivered online, we remain open and will continue to provide training and support for the Aged Care sector for the duration of the national lock down.

In response to Covid-19 we are:

  • enabling new learners to be Health Care Assistant work ready after two weeks training
  • providing Certification in infection control for volunteers so they can continue to provide wellbeing support.


Welcome to our First Issue of Kalandra Connects

Kalandra Connects is about connecting people to each other and to health sector knowledge, ideas and concepts that affect us and our loved ones. Connects is not just about Kalandra, it is about caring on an international basis and creating a community that we can all benefit from.

Right now, it is hard to comprehend how much is changing in our world. Who would have thought at Christmas that we would not be allowed to celebrate Easter, schools would be closing and that there would be such a rush on toilet paper.

But amid this stress and confusion great things are happening. On a global basis Governments are helping each other, sharing advice, wisdom and even people. On an individual basis neighbours are looking after people they did not know existed. Look at Italy and the music in the alleyways.

This virus is a catastrophic occurrence but we can all help. Simple things such as wiping your doorknobs and surfaces with Janola based products, being courteous, kind and patient. Smile and thank people and when you can, give people in need a hand.

Kalandra is trying to help meet this crisis. We are offering a special package to retrain people into employment in the health care sector. Those who need employment will have the skills within two weeks to be useful and safe and then will continue to study while working and gaining appropriate HCA qualifications There is no charge for this.

We are also offering a free short course for volunteers who are currently not allowed to enter into aged care residences. With this course they will have enough information to not only keep themselves safe but be able to re-enter their facilities and supply the care and social activities that our elderly so desperately need, especially when their families cannot visit them.

This is the first of Kalandra Connects. I sincerely hope that the second one finds us all in a more stable and peaceful situation.  Take care out there, stay strong. Smile and care.



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