New wage structure

Employees began receiving their new wage rates from 1 July 2017.  Generally, all other conditions of employment remained the same. However, service and qualification allowances were extinguished because they were replaced by the new qualifications-based pay structure. Weekend and penal rates remain but those that are calculated as a percentage of base pay are now converted to allowances.

All employees covered by the settlement in the aged and disability residential care and home and community support sectors receive the new wage rates regardless of whether or not they belong to a union.


New wage rates for existing workers  (as at 1 July 2017)

On 1 July 2017, all existing care and support workers moved on to the following scale, either at the step that recognized their qualifications or their service with their employer, whichever was the most advantageous to the employee.


Qualification or length of service

1 July 2018
Year 2

1 July 2019
Year 3/4

1 July 2021
Year 5

L0 or <3 years' service




L2 or 3+ years' service




L3 or 8+ years' service




L4 or 12+ years' service





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