Seven panellists join Mau on the couch to talk about what women want when it comes to healthcare. Here is a taste of what is on their minds.


* What is health? Dr Sasha Kljakovic from Well Revolution says a lot of women are understandably really confused about what health is and how to be healthy.

* Sexual health pioneer Dr Margaret Sparrow talks about some of the changes she has seen over the years. They have been enormous, she says. Some of the issues we're still grappling with include sex education and abortion. New Zealand has a history of do it yourself and back street abortions and referring women to Australia. Dame Margaret was 21 when she gave herself a DIY abortion.

* Today, abortion is still in the Crimes Act. Sparrow explains how that came about. 

* Isis Mackay is the general Manager of Women's Health Action says one of the big issues is around equity and access to early medical abortion. Find out why she is concerned there may be a resurgence in back street abortion services.

* Health is not just about the body. Mau says.  Clinical psychologist Dr Julie Wharewera-Mika says health is holistic and considers wellbeing in a more general sense, and for her, that involves working with people in their homes.

* Is Western medicine failing? Yes it is, says Dr Huhana Hickey of the Human Rights Review Tribunal and member of the welfare expert advisory panel. We have failed to recognise other medicines, like Chinese medicine, Indian medicine and M?ori medicine. 

* Find out how New Zealand could have the best health system in the world.

* Sergeant Rhona Stace  is a senior prosecutor at the NZ Police Prosecution Service. She talks about the nature of the power of addiction and why the justice system is being used to access mental health care, plus the challenges police face. 

* How difficult has it been for a big organisation like a District Health Board to acknowledge Te Ao M?ori? Phyllis Tangitu, general manager of M?ori Health at Lakes DHB, in Rotorua address that issue and says what the big issues are for us as people on a health journey.

* Hear the panellist speak about efforts to bring down the suicide rate, focusing on staying well, the importance of health literacy, and empowering people to self-direct funding and make decisions for themselves. 

Each member of the panel sets out their one wish for healthcare and what women want.

This episode concludes What Women Want. Here's to 125 years of women's suffrage in New Zealand/Aotearoa.


Dr Margaret Sparrow – Sexual Health Pioneer
Dr Julie Wharewera-Mika – Clinical Psychologist
The Flying Doctors, Dr Sasha Kljakovic – Well Revolution
Sergeant Rhona Stace – Senior Prosecutor
NZ Police Prosecution Service, Dr Huhana Hickey – Human Rights Review Tribunal & Member of the Welfare Expert Advisory Panel
Phyllis Tangitu – General Manager Maori Health, Lakes DHB, Rotorua, Isis Mackay – General Manager, Women's Health Action

Topp Twins, Untouchable Girls - Duration 2 minutes 47 seconds

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