Announcing The Hybrid, the revolutionary training for healthcare

Kalandra takes pride in embracing individuality, exploring innovative methods to educate and enhance individuals' compassion not just in New Zealand but globally. In pursuit of this goal, we've introduced The Hybrid, a programmee that has received approval from NZQA.


The New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 4) Hybrid is a distinctive initiative offering students the chance to commence a New Zealand qualification from anywhere in the world. The programme comprises two components: Part A involves 37 weeks of theoretical study, accessible online worldwide. Students become part of a virtual cohort, benefiting from our standard lecturer support, webinars, and assessment criteria. Successful completion of the theory results in the award of a knowledge certificate.


Part B involves an 11-week onshore practical, clinical experience in New Zealand. Students enter the country on a Visitor Visa, simplifying immigration requirements compared to a student visa. After a week of basic training and assessment at the Kalandra Campus in Auckland, students proceed to their pre-arranged work placement.


Upon successfully completing the placement, these students earn The New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 4—an essential qualification for fair compensation and progression towards permanent residency.


At Kalandra, our vision is to enhance the well-being of vulnerable individuals. We achieve this by training compassionate individuals and strive to exemplify that caring ethos. The Hybrid facilitates our mission by providing training in a seamless and minimally disruptive manner.


Step into Kalandra and embark on this pioneering journey with us. Welcome to innovation in education.

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