Volunteer Certificate

At Kalandra we understand the national scale and positive impact of volunteering and what that means to those who receive care from a volunteer. Hundreds of volunteers contribute a myriad of services across multiple sectors and often without recognition for their service or any opportunities to personally upskill.

We are providing a Volunteer Certificate so anyone can learn about infection control, basic health and safety, and skills for supporting others. On completion, participants will receive a Certificate as evidence of their new knowledge and organisations can have confidence in their “Volunteer workforce” capability.

The Kalandra Volunteer Certificate is a free, online course designed to upskill participants in:

  • Infection Control: Course participants learn how to:
    • Identify possible sources of infection.
    • Implement infection control procedures.
    • Respond and apply appropriate measures when things go wrong.


  • Health and Safety: Course participants learn how to:
    • Work in a health care organisation in a safe manner.
    • Be mindful of each client’s personal health and well-being.
    • Contribute to the organisation’s health and safety policies and procedures.


  • Valuable Support Skills: Course participants learn how to:
    • Work ethically with respect for privacy and confidentiality.
    • Communicate effectively - using methods of formal and informal communication that are appropriate for the client and their circumstances.
    • Provide practical assistance including nutritional assistance and supporting the walking client.
    • Demonstrate caring through personal touches and attention to values. 

Who is the Volunteer Certificate For?

  • Aged Care Home Volunteers traditionally contribute valuable client support which frees HCA’s to focus on caring for the health of residents.
  • Community Support Workers: including St. John's Ambulance Community Supporters, Volunteer firefighters, RSA volunteers, Hospital helpers, Church assistants.
  • Members of the Public: The course is suitable for anyone seeking knowledge and the ability to safely care for family members
  • Secondary School Students: While there are no credits attached, the Volunteer Certificate will deliver knowledge and life skills, and would be a valuable addition to a student’s CV. It may also be suitable for students participating in the Duke Of Edinburgh Awards


To Enrol:

  • Download and complete the Short Course Enrolment Form and return to training@kalandra.ac.nz
  • Login details will be emailed, and participants can commence when ready.

Length: Approximately 8 hours to complete

Tuition: No Cost


What do Course Participants Think?

Richelle Davies - Ambulance EMT Limited

"In March 2020, several Ambulance EMT team members enrolled in and completed the Volunteer Certificate offered by Kalandra Education Group. Team members ranged from introductory members to more senior members and all groups reported the excellent value of learning that this certification held and the relationship that they could make between the learning and the context they work within was clear. Each member took away a multitude of knowledge which they have been able to implement into their practice. This opportunity has been an excellent undertaking for our team members and the organisation.

The enrolment process with Kalandra was easy, quick and painless. Subsequent communications with Kalandra Education Group have been positive and supportive, and the qualifications delivered by Kalandra are likely to be further investigated and implemented as a training initiative. It has been and will continue to be an excellent opportunity for team members to upskill in areas that are relevant to their roles.
We would like to formally thank Kalandra Education Group for this opportunity that has been provided to the Ambulance EMT team and recommend the Volunteer Certification."

Tricia Hague - RSA Volunteer 

"I have been doing voluntary work for nearly four years and at 64 years old, I expect to be continuing for many years to come. As I currently work as a volunteer for the RSA Welfare as a District Support Advisor, assisting with veterans and their families, I decided to do the Kalandra Volunteer Course  as most of the people in my area are elderly and any extra information on how to look after them is always appreciated.  The position involves visiting, assisting with shopping if required, dealing with Veteran's Affairs and Medical Practices on the client’s behalf, working out a plan with the client on what their needs are and what type of assistance they or their families require. Part of my role is to assist other welfare volunteers in their roles and advise them on how to handle certain situations.

My ambition is to learn more about how I can help our clients and assist other volunteers in their role. This course was really helpful as it outlined some areas that many people might not be aware of such as cultural considerations and making sure that those you are helping remain the focus at all times. It is important for a volunteer to be mindful of the client's needs and wishes, and to make them part of what you are doing. The course was easy to follow and laid out in a way that helped me work through each section. There wasn’t too much information in each section, so it wasn’t a daunting task to complete. Even though some of the issues are 'common sense' it was beneficial to really think about what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you should be aware of when you are assisting people in a volunteer role."

Pasha Sharma – School Student (16 years)

"I found out about this Volunteer Course through one of my teachers at school. The topics were things that really sparked my interest and I guess I wanted to know more about it. I really liked how there was a lot of intensive information and that I learnt things which will be useful for my future as I would love to work in healthcare. It wasn’t time consuming to complete and I managed to do it in one go which was really nice."

Darcy Donaghy - School Student  (15  years)

"I found out about this course from the Duke of Edinburgh Award coordinator at our school who sent it to all of us participating in the award while we were at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. I was looking for a service opportunity to help people out while school was closed, and I thought this would be a good option. I also thought that this type of knowledge and skills were vital during this time and I could be learning something in context.

While I don't think I want to choose healthcare as a career, from my prior knowledge and what I have learnt in this course I think it will be my volunteer option of choice moving into the future. The course took all of the basics and put them into one course that seemed to sum it all up so I now have a much better knowledge of how to be a volunteer in a setting like this."

Desmond Johnston - Volunteer Radius Glaisdale Rest Home (73 years)

"I wanted to do the course as I thought that it would provide me with either more information about, or at least refresh my existing understanding of, ways in which I could enhance my effectiveness as a volunteer, particularly as we move out of the strict isolation requirements for Covod-19.

I have been volunteering at Radius Glaidsdale for just over 1 year.  I retired from fulltime work in Logistics for NZ Blood Service in September 2018 and wanted to do something for the community in my retirement. I don’t have any long-term ambitions in the healthcare sector but would like to continue to use my years of life experience to help others.  This course has reinforced the knowledge I had around health and wellbeing, communication, and cultural awareness.

I found the course easy to follow and useful as a reinforcement of things I had learnt over the years. As my role is as a Volunteer Bingo caller, the content was probably aimed a little more for volunteers who would be taking a more hands-on role in caring for people but nevertheless was helpful for me."

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