No Cost, Health Carer Re-Training Provided Online and Nationwide

Kalandra has responded to the nationwide shortage of Health Care Assistants, compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, by providing fast track upskilling and entry into Level 3 Health Care Assistant training.

All levels of training at Kalandra are now being provided at no cost to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. People made redundant due to the impact of Covid 19, or anyone wanting a career change, can now retrain and build a secure future for themselves while contributing to the care of New Zealanders and the health of the country. 

If you are already a Health Carer you may have sufficent experience to enrol directly into Level 4 Certificate programmes in Dementia Care or Mental Health and Addictions. Complete the below Get in Touch form for more information.


Our Health Care Re-Training Programme Will Enable Learners To:


Pre-enrolment Course:

To assist anyone new to the Health Care sector who wants to enter the workforce quickly, we have a Pre-Enrolment Course. Successful completion enables direct entry into the Certificate in Health Assistance (Level 3).


After Pre-enrolment Completion Learners will be:


Next Level 3 Certificate in Health Assistance (Aged Care) Intakes:


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To Apply:

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