Short Courses (POP courses) - Certificate in Skin Care and Beauty Therapy for the Older Person

Session One: The Facial (11th September, 9am - 330pm)

Session one provides skills and knowledge associated with caring for the ageing client and the practical session concentrates on delivering a facial applicable to this demographic. This session also provides information that can be used to assist with marketing and creating a ‘specialist’ workforce. With 20% of the world’s population classified as aged this is a huge and neglected area and one which needs specialist knowledge and skills. It is also an area of huge business opportunity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Session Two: Care of Hands and Feet (18th September, 9am - 330pm)

Session two explores the cognitive changes in the older adult, especially Alzheimer’s and Dementia and the issues surrounding effective communication. This session provides an insight into changes in behaviour and how the therapist can respond. The clinical session pertains to the care of the hands and feet, providing opportunity to explore the application of a hand/foot massage.


Session Three: Rehabilitation, Positionining and Hair Care (25th September  9am - 330pm)

Session three examines the special care that people require who are now living with diseases that require rehabilitation such as a Stroke. It explores how the therapist can work collaboratively with other health care providers, delivering optimum care for the older person. Issues such as positioning are discussed. Hair care and hair removal are often of major concern to this demographic and it is this area of care that is the main focus of the clinical practice.



Normally $150.00 Now only $95.00 per person per session

Or $250.00 for all 3 sessions



Beauty therapists who wish to broaden their client base



Kalandra Education Group - 10 Pioneer Street, Henderson

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