Online - Certificate in Mental Health and Support (Level 4)

Programme 1:            Dementia Care

Qualification:             NZC in Health & Wellbeing (Social & Community Services) Mental Health & Addiction Support (Level 4) – Dementia

Duration:                      46 Weeks

Description:                This is an entry level qualification designed for people already working in, or those who intend to develop a career supporting the health and wellbeing of people, family and/or whanau and the wider community, in mental health and addiction, especially specialising in dementia.


Programme 2:            Mental Health and Addiction Support

Qualification:             NZC in Health & Wellbeing (Social & Community Services) Mental Health & Addiction Support (Level 4) – Mental Health Support

Duration:                      46 Weeks

Description:                You (the graduate) will have the skills, knowledge and behaviours including; dignity, empathy and respect that are required to work within this setting, providing support to the client, family/whanau and colleagues. Working in the mental health sectors is a challenging and rewarding occupation. You (the graduate) will be taught how to maximise your effectiveness, providing safe and ethical practice, contributing to a constantly changing environment.


Domestic Students:

Cost: $4335.00 ( Full Scholarships are available!!)

Other Costs: should you require scrubs for placement they are $70.00 per set, a name badge is $10 and a police check is $10. 

Fees Free: may apply

Student loans and allowances may be available

Start Date: 25 November 2019

Entry Criteria:            

  • Aged 18 years of age and over
  • New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • NCEA Level 1 Numeracy and Literacy or equivalent
  • Healthcare sector experience as healthcare assistant / volunteer
  • The learner holds the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) or the equivalent qualification
  • Clean criminal record (an initial check will be completed through the New Zealand Police to ensure the learner is a fit and proper person to be working with vulnerable people, should the learner not have one)
  • Physically able to do the job
  • Willingness to work with older person

Distance Education students must:

  1. Provide a letter of support from their employer, signed and stating that the student will be supported in undertaking a minimum of 440 hours of employment for the workplace experience.
  2. A copy of their signed workplace/employment agreement contract with dates coinciding with the programme duration and clear evidence that the notional 440 hours of practicum is likely and that the position description can facilitate the learning requirements.
  3. Have a clean criminal record (an initial check would be completed through the New Zealand Police by the student’s employer to ensure that indicates the student is a fit and proper person to be working with vulnerable people).
    1. If evidence of a police check is not available, students must consent to Kalandra undertaking a Criminal Record Check (as required) and advise Kalandra of any current charges or pending court matters.
  4. Applicants are also required to consent to the above information gathered as part of the Safety Check to be shared with a host institution for the purposes of practicum placement(s).
  5. Have access to the Internet and a device that will allow them to access the Intuto portal and write simple document and complete assessments, usually, a word processor is sufficient.

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