Retrain For A Career In Health Care Assistance

Are you in New Zealand on a visa and need a new training opportunity because of the uncertainty created through Covid 19?

There is ongoing international demand for qualified Health Care Assistants. Apply for the Kalandra Certificate in Health Assistance (Aged Care) (Level 3) and graduate with the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) with a strand Healthcare Assistance.


Limited Special Offer – International Student Fee

Onshore Applicants Only - We are offering a heavily reduced international student fee to enable retraining for a future career in the Health Care sector.


Key Information


What Does The Programme Cover?

Students will begin with the following to prepare them for Level 3 study:

The training then progresses to the Certificate in Health Assistance (Aged Care) (Level 3)

This is an entry-level, NZQA approved programme which trains Health Care Assistants in general aged health care issues, professional practices, skills, knowledge and procedures. This training enables graduates to deliver the highest standard of care and support in a health and wellbeing organisation including home-care and other aged-care environments.

As a guide some of the issues, practices and skills covered in this programme are:


What Skills and Knowledge Will You Gain?

Graduates of the Certificate in Health Assistance (Aged Care) (Level 3) programme will understand:


Already Have Health Sector Experience or Qualifications?

If you have appropriate Health Care Assistance experience you may be eligible for one of our Level 4 programmes.

Graduates of either are awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Social and Community Services) (Level 4) with a strand in Mental Health and  Addiction.


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