Kalandra Education Group recognises the importance of education agents who offer valuable local represenation and maintain a constant presence within our target markets.

Kalandra Education Group is wishing to work with education agents who are passionate about promoting New Zealand education and who provide compreshenisve services and support to our prespective students.

Kalandra Education Group wishes to work with education agents that will help them reach their main objective to develop and offer knowledge and skills, focussing on areas of need and to do so with integrity, showing respect for all, inspiring others to demonstrate excellence in their provision of healthcare and doing this in a truely collaborative manner. 

Representatives for Kalandra Education Group are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and ethical manner and comply with all relevant New Zealand regulations and compliance requirements especially the Education(Pastoral Care for International Students) Code of Practice 2016. 


Current market focus:








South Korea



If you are intersted in becoming an education agent on behalf of Kalandra Education Group please:

1. Complete the following application form: Application Form

2. Provide evidence that the applicant is already an established representative of two reputable education providers, preferably in New Zealand. Kalandra Education Group may contact the providers to verify the quality of the agent services provided.

If it is not possible to provide evidence of established representations, the applicant must provide evidence demonstrating their ability and suitability to provide an education agent service.

3. Email to

4. After assessment of the application, an Agent Aggreement must be signed and returned to Kalandra Education Group before enrolling a student


Updated: 28 February 2019


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